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Our mission is to help new and struggling day traders, swing traders and long term investors achieve sustainable success.

Success in trading and investing can't be achieved without core fundamental strategies. We will help you identify those strategies and assist you in your challenging journey to achieve consistent profitable results.
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Video Library

Access to 10+ hours of educational videos in addition to daily pre market prep & market wrap videos and more! Take a sneak peak at the library topics!

Trade Plans

Receive swing and longterm investment trade plans and alerts with reward to risk analysis, ideal entry, stop and target prices and actual trades for each idea generated.


Our Trader's Den chatroom and LIVE screensharing is available to all plan members for education, idea generation and interaction. Traders helping traders.

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Educational Video Library
includes over 10 hours of content!

  • Tools of the Trade
  • Identifying Dominant Trends In Markets and Sectors
  • ETFs and Why I Trade Them
  • Mutual Funds - What they are & Why You Should Create Your Own
  • Support & Resistance
  • Fundamentals - What to look for & Why They Matter
  • Pros and Cons of Each Style Of Trading
  • Technical Trade Setups and Trade Reviews
  • Multiple Time Frame Alignment
  • My Number One Rule for Swings & Investments
  • Risk Reward and Building Action Plans
  • Position Sizing and Money Management
  • Margin & Why You Should Avoid It Until You’re Consistently Profitable
  • Morning Routine
  • Building Scans, Watch lists, and Setting Alerts
  • Brokers & Why It Makes Sense To Have 3 Separate Accounts
  • Psychology & Why You Have To Control Your Emotions
  • ... And new content continually added all year long!

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Still have questions?

Is a trial period available?

No trial periods are available for this service.

Is this service right for me?

Regardless of the type of trader you are or desire to be, this service is for anyone that is passionate about the markets and possesses a burning desire to learn how they can improve their performance through hard work and discipline.

Do you trade options, futures or forex?

No, I do not, but other memebers do.

What type of trader are you?

I'm a long biased trader that trades in all time frames (day trades, swing trades and long term investments).

I'm a short biased trader, how can I benefit from your service?

I teach how I use ETFs to go short when market conditions warrant. The tools that are used to identify support and resistance and specific setups can be used with these inverse ETFs.

I have an additional question, how can I contact you?

Feel free to reach out to me at hello [at] alphawolftrading [dot] com.