AMC Trade Plan

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Note: Assessment, Details, Summary and Trades headers are collapsible boxes.

  • Assessment
    Grade f

    Poorly executed wen off my thoughts as apposed to what the chart was telling me which was it was in a downtrend and it was making lower lows. I was also disappointed that investor relations did not get back to me on two attempts. I do not see any big catalyst on the horizon and next years movie lineup does not seem as robust as this years .. If we do go into a recession this one would take a hit off of lower consumer spending

  • Details
    • Direction
      long 500 shares
    • Reward/Risk
      0.55 / 1
    • Entry
    • Target 1
      $16.25 (6.42%)
    • Target 2
      $20.00 (30.98%)
    • Stop
      $13.50 (-11.59%)
  • Trades (4)
    • 08/23/19
      sell 200 shares at $11.39
    • 05/30/19
      buy 100 shares at $12.12
    • 05/02/19
      buy 50 shares at $14.56
    • 04/23/19
      buy 50 shares at $15.27
  • Summary

    I am looking to start a long term hold on this dividend paying stock. High short interest I listened to there analyst day and I think they are positioning themselves well. They have a lot of debt but they will work that off after their capex spending plan is complete. I took a 50 share starter @ 15.27 I have another limit buy in at 14.56 for another 50 shares .. if it hits 13.50-14.00 area I would look to add more to build out the full position I am only taking the 50 share starter just to have some exposure before Avengers endgame hits theaters ... I have not gotten a fill yet