FTNW Trade Plan

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Note: Assessment, Details, Summary and Trades headers are collapsible boxes.

  • Assessment
    Grade b

    Hit all targets and held a few lottos ..CFO just resigned never a good thing.. I will keep an eye on this one but from afar until they have a new CFO

  • Details
    • Direction
      long 1000 shares
    • Reward/Risk
      1.5 / 1
    • Entry
    • Target 1
      $2.60 (73.33%)
    • Target 2
      $4.00 (166.67%)
    • Stop
      $0.75 (-50%)
  • Trades (6)
    • 03/11/19
      sell 200 shares at $1.60
    • 02/26/19
      sell 200 shares at $3.90
    • 02/26/19
      sell 200 shares at $3.00
    • 02/26/19
      sell 600 shares at $2.65
    • 02/19/19
      buy 1K shares at $0.99
    • 12/03/18
      buy 200 shares at $4.29
  • Summary

    This is a long term hold consideration that I want to build a position in over time >I will be looking to get a starter at 4.50 probably 200-250 shares and I would add on a pull to 4 or less Recent insider buys growing revenue substantially has a lot of debt that they are looking to restructure at more favorable rates... I like the story and the sector I have a note out to investor relations and looking to learn a bit more about the company
    I added 1000 shares bringing my dollar cost average down to 1.50 now I am looking for a move back into the 2.60 range I would take half off there and hold half This is a high risk play but they announced a corporate buyback and some new contracts there have also been insider buys in the 4 range they have a lot of debt but just renegotiated some of that debt