MAXR Trade Plan

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Note: Assessment, Details, Summary and Trades headers are collapsible boxes.

  • Assessment
    Grade c

    Should have had more size it has run a lot in a short period of time I would like to get back in in the 5-5.50 range for another swing on a long term turnaround story

  • Details
    • Direction
      long 500 shares
    • Reward/Risk
      0.97 / 1
    • Entry
    • Target 1
      $8.00 (25%)
    • Target 2
      $10.00 (56.25%)
    • Stop
      $4.75 (-25.78%)
  • Trades (4)
    • 05/14/19
      sell 100 shares at $8.70
    • 05/03/19
      sell 100 shares at $6.40
    • 04/01/19
      buy 100 shares at $4.40
    • 02/22/19
      buy 100 shares at $6.86
  • Summary

    This would be a long term hold play Spruce point did a hit piece on them they are short. They just signed a 300 million dollar contract .. they had a failed satellite that hurt the company but they had it insured and will get 183 million back it is a thick stock. New CEO pays a high dividend which could be cut, I would like an entry starter ahead of Earnings Feb 28th 2019 in the range of 6-6.40 and I would look to add in the 5 range. This is a turnaround potential take out candidate play off of a special situation ... I will likely take a starter this week ahead of earnings probably just 100 shares