RESN Trade Plan

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Note: Assessment, Details, Summary and Trades headers are collapsible boxes.

  • Assessment
    Grade d

    I tried several times to get a one-on-one interview with the CEO the IR firm acted as a bouncer and would not let me directly engage the CEO. That as you may imagine, pissed me off, so I stopped adding to my position. I held the stock in anticipation that when it bounced I would exit. That being said the stock could go higher but I do not care, If I cant get to know management I have no interest in the stock

  • Details
    • Direction
      long 1500 shares
    • Reward/Risk
      0.68 / 1
    • Entry
    • Target 1
      $4.50 (25.35%)
    • Target 2
      $6.50 (81.06%)
    • Stop
      $2.25 (-37.33%)
  • Trades (4)
    • 03/10/22
      sell 500 shares at $4.43
    • 04/19/21
      buy 250 shares at $3.55
    • 02/23/21
      buy 100 shares at $5.35
    • 12/14/20
      buy 150 shares at $2.13
  • Summary

    This is a 5g play they have over 250 patents and another 90 with regard to radio frequency filtering wavelengths. This company is the only RF Filter out there, Their tech is being proven to work and orders are starting to come in as 5 G continues to grow their tech will become more sought after. They have the potential to partner with a global manufacturer that would represent 100 mil annually .. New management team ... No debt high cash burn but they have milestones to meet where they collect payments its not a tiny float but still small . There was some recent insider selling looks like it could be end of year tax selling has 15 percent short interest. I am taking a starter this is a long term hold play I have a limit buy for 200 shares 2.13
    if it cracks below two could see 1.50 I would be adding to build out my position I had to adjust the trade plan targets and entry to reflect the current dollar cost average and the new price targets. To get my full position I would be inclined to add at levels between 1.70-2.50