TRNE Trade Plan

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Note: Assessment, Details, Summary and Trades headers are collapsible boxes.

  • Assessment
    Grade d

    I did not buy enough shares .. as far as execution goes it was a good trade but I played it too small exceeded all my targets at some point I may get back in this one the symbol has changedto DM

  • Details
    • Direction
      long 500 shares
    • Reward/Risk
      1 / 1
    • Entry
    • Target 1
      $14.75 (19.43%)
    • Target 2
      $16.00 (29.55%)
    • Stop
      $10.00 (-19.03%)
  • Trades (2)
    • 12/07/20
      sell 25 shares at $19.69
    • 09/16/20
      buy 25 shares at $12.35
  • Summary

    This is a SPAC play my Buddy in New York is writing an article on. He has done a lot of due diligence in the name and the 3d metal printing company. I think he makes a pretty compelling case for the stock as well as the sector this could actually help lift NNDM which is another 3d printing play I am in I just took a tiny starter in TRNE with 25 shares I will look to build the position out over time. There is a gap to fill on the daily down to 10 if it were to pull there I would be looking to add and build out the full position this is more of a long term play