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Jan 3rd 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning All it takes is one rotten Apple to ruin the whole bunch of stocks. After another impressive turnaround day in equities the markets were taken by surprise with a significant cut in rev and earnings expectations that sent futures into a tail spin. The culprit appears to be China who is experiencing their own economic

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January 2 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning and Happy New Year Welcome to 2019 I wish you all a very prosperous, happy and healthy new year ahead. Santa Clause has left the building and the rally has appeared to go with him as we are looking at a gap down in equities off of some weak economic data out of China. With the

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Dec 27th 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning Well yesterday we had that highly anticipated oversold bounce and it was one for the history books as the DOW bounced for a 1000 point gain on the day. It was nice to see but this does not mean that the all clear has been given to have us start piling into stocks. Oil and gas , retail, semiconductors, tech, small caps, biotech, nearly every sector was higher

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Dec 26th 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning I hope you had a wonderful Christmas Holiday. After going through some charts it is my opinion that we are getting very close to a potential oversold rip your face off rally. It could happen this week or ...

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Dec 20th 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning The Fed had all the stars aligned to give investors a Santa Clause rally and unfortunately he failed to deliver. The Feds decision to raise rates and more importantly the tone and direction for the path forward disappointed the street and sent equities lower after they were trading up prior to the announcement. The S&P 500 broke and closed below the 2532 February low which was a big

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