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Alpha Wolf Trading Follow-Up Interview with Founder Rani Kohen Executive Chairman, SKYX Platforms Inc. stock symbol SKYX

SKYX Platform's Inc.: Transforming the Industry with Innovation, Safety, and Unprecedented Achievements Introduction: Since my original posting of this interview the stock has declined to what some might call stupid cheap levels. I happen to agree with that assesment. The team at SKYX continues to grow stronger every week with additional world class talent being added to a stellar group of industry experts and category visionaries. Case in point SKYX announced that former Microsoft executive Khadija Mustafa Joins SKYX as Senior Tech, AI, and Global Business Advisor learn more here Yahoo Finance Mark your calendar SKYX Platforms Investor Update August 9TH 10:30 AM ET SKYX Announces Over $14 Million (unaudited) In Sales for Partial Second Quarter, Including Sales of Its Plug & Play Products That Are Now Sold on 16 US and Canadian Leading Websites More here The home decor and lighting industry is transforming for the better as one company has been making waves with its groundbreaking solutions and unwavering commitment to safety. Rani Kohen and his team at SKYX Platform Inc. have achieved a remarkable series of accomplishments over the past nine months, revolutionizing the industry and capturing the attention of both consumers and professionals alike. From prestigious awards to strategic hires and game-changing

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AWT Exclusive Airgain Inc Stock Symbol AIRG CEO Jacob Suen

In this Alpha Wolf Trading Video, you will hear Jacob Suen, CEO of Airgain Inc Stock symbol AIRG, talk about what makes Airgain different from other hardware suppliers. Jacob explains the challenges that Covid and the war placed on Airgain's supply chain and the measures Airgain has taken to strengthen the company and position Airgain for significant growth. Jacob talks about the strength of his team and

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Pro member State of the markets and Stocks to watch 7/24 -7/29 2022

This is a big week for earnings, the Fed and VERB. This is probably the biggest week for earning season with broad representation across multiple industries. Technically sector charts are taking our downward trendlines ad we could be in for a shor...

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AWT Pro Member State of the markets & a few stocks to watch 3/21- 3/25 2022

This weeks state of the markets and stocks to watch video for the pro members.

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