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AWT Exclusive Follow-up CEO Desmond Wheatley, Beam Global Inc Stock Symbol BEEM

In this Alpha Wolf Trading interview, I speak with CEO Desmond Wheatley of Beam Global Inc. Stock Symbol BEEM. Desmond shares the amazing transformation Beam Global is experiencing and the robust pipeline that lies ahead for the company. After rep...

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AWT Exclusive Interview Legible Inc, Stock Symbol LEBGF, CEO Kaleeg Hainsworth

In this Alpha, Wolf Trading interview, CEO Kaleeg Hainsworth and I discuss his company Legible Inc. stock symbol LEGBF. Kaleeg explains the 4 things that he wants each listener to understand and remember about Legible Inc. and what makes them different. Kaleeg talks about how the idea for..

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AWT Follow Up Interview CEO Jin Kang Widepoint Corporation Stock Symbol WYY

In this Alpha Wolf Trading Interview with the Jin Kang, the CEO of Widepoint Inc, Stock Symbol WYY. You will hear Jin discuss the opportunity the recent K-12 News announcement may present for WYY. Jin discusses the sales pipeline

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