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AWT Exclusive $MOGO President Greg Feller Mogo Inc.

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AWT Update with $DUOT CEO Chuck Ferry, Duos Technology Inc

Dous Technologies uses AI to provide a much-needed service to multiple industries with their cutting-edge technology. They are gaining traction in the rail industry, but the opportunities are massive for entry into other sectors that would benefit from visual inspections. CEO Chuck Ferry and his team have executed through a pandemic and historical supply chain issues. Duos has adjusted to

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AWT Pro Member Exclusive Interview #7 Reveal Venzee Technologies Inc. $VENZF CEO John Sexton Abrams

This is a recently discovered company that is addressing one of the issues that have been highlighted nearly every single day for the last 6-8 months. Ironically, the CEO of Venzee, John Sexton Abrams, started working on this solution almost ten years ago. Supply chain issues Venzee's SAAS solution incorporates deep machine learning and artificial intelligence. It is a recurring revenue model. The beauty of this solution is the more deals the company signs. The more intelligent the solution becomes, creating a very wide...

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