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March 16th-20th 2020 Market overview and stocks to watch

Hey there folks It has been awhile since I have done a blog post and video for all. I have been focusing on myself and my members but in light of everything going on in the world I wanted to send this weeks video for everyone. These are extraordinary times. There is going to be a lot of pain ahead but I also truly believe there are going to be wonderful things ahead. We are going to learn a lot about ourselves. I have faith that good will triumph over the bad in the long run. I have faith in our country and its ability to overcome this obstacle and I have faith in my fellow Americans that we will unite together and show the world how resilient and exceptional we really are. The whole world needs to come together and fight this thing and there is no doubt in my mind that after its all said and done we will be stronger. I have prayed for everyone to have strength to face that challenges that lie ahead. Bless you all and be safe ..

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Jan 27th - 31st 2020 Stock market overview and Stocks to watch

Hey everyone With everything going on in the markets I thought I would do a video for everyone. With the Coronavirus, impeachment trial, the FED, and major corporate earnings out next week it could be a wild ride in ..

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Dec 2nd-Dec 6th 2019 Stock market overview and stocks to watch

Happy Sunday Santa has come early this year for the bulls and the stock market may just keep on giving into the end of the year but I do see some cautionary signals starting to develop. Do not be too greedy in times like these and always remember that what goes up can

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Nov 11th-15th 2019 Stock market overview and stocks to watch

Happy Sunday Big week ahead for stocks with one sector that has been beaten up and could be ready for a rebound. The bulls remain in charge and as stock markets continue to make all time highs and that trend

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Nov 4th-8th 2019 Stock market overview and stocks to watch

Happy Sunday The Fed did not do anything to scare the markets last week. Tie that in with the fact that earnings and guidance are coming in stronger than many were expecting and that gives us a market that appears to want to power through all time highs. There is a real possibility that we could see some euphoria creep into the markets that leads to a ...

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