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Dec 10th-14th Stock market overview and sector breakdown

Happy Saturday The market is running out of time to produce that Santa Clause rally that many have been hoping for but in actuality the Santa Clause rally typically happens the last week of December and the first week of January. The problem is even if we have a nice rally that week we may only be getting back some of what have been lost over the last couple of months. Technically we are in a very precarious position in several sectors and indexes. We have death crosses in nearly every sector and we are triple ...

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Dec 3rd -7th 2018 Sector and Index weekly overview

Good morning The G20 summit if over and it appears as though disaster has been averted...for now. Statements made from the White House have indicated that tariffs will not be raised for 90 days as China and US work to come to some sort of agreement on trade. The market will likely respond favorably ...

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Nov 26th -30th Sector and index overview for the upcoming week

Happy Saturday Last week I had some hope for the markets and a Thanksgiving holiday week bounce. Unfortunately, hope did not turn into reality as the markets put in the worst Thanksgiving week performance since 2011. This was a bit of a setback and has clouded the vision of a potential end of year rally but there is still a chance it may happen. This week we have the Fed minutes and ..

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