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$SKYX Booklet Plug and Play Quick Connect SkyPlug & Weight Supporting Ceiling Receptacle W.S.C.R.

*This booklet is for everyone and anyone that has changed or wants to change out the ceiling lights or ceiling fans. What used to take an hour only takes seconds now. SKYX Platforms Simpler, Safer, Smarter! * SKYX Platforms, SkyPlug™ quick conne...

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SKYX Platforms Inc Secures distribution and marketing platform with the acquisition of Belami Ecommerce

As you all know, I am a massive fan of Rani Kohen and the entire team at S.K.Y.X. However, just because I firmly believe that does not make it so! Anything can happen. However, This morning $ S.K.Y.X. announced a move that put them on solid ground and a clear path for the distribution of their revolutionary SkyPlug. After seeing firsthand

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