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AWT Exclusive Member Interview #24 $SURG CEO Brian Cox Surgepays Inc,

"SurgePays, Inc. is meeting the needs of underserved markets in financial technology, telecommunications, and digital media. It offers prepaid wireless and underbanked financial products and services and popular consumer goods to retail merchants (such as operators of convenience stores, bodegas, and gas stations) that address the needs of many store customers nationwide. The SurgePays system is a fintech software platform that processes third-party prepaid wireless activations and top-ups, gift card activation and loads, and wireless SIM activation. It enables retailers to instantly add credit to any prepaid wireless customer's account

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AWT exclusive reveal #18 $DUOT CEO Chuck Ferry, Duos Technology Group

Duos Technologies Group has never broken even; the technicals look horrendous. Holding the Duos stock from 2015 has been an extremely unpleasant and painfully dilutive experience if you invested in the stock back then. That was then, and this is now. Chuck Ferry and the new executive team have taken over the helm at Dous Tech. Dous has a proprietary system that creates efficiencies and could feasibly prevent loss of life in the rail industry. In my view, every insurance company should require that all cargo and passenger trains have the Duos system to help prevent accidents, streamline inspections, save

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Are you considering investing in a micro, small or midcap company? Two common issues that will make me think twice.

I do not know how you view investing. I become part-owner of the company when I invest. I do not care if I buy ten shares or 100k shares. The level of my ownership is immaterial to me. I have so many companies that pique my interest as potential investment opportunities. I will often take a tiny "starter position" to make sure a company stays on my radar and I follow through with my due diligence on the company. Through the due diligence process, I will determine how big an owner I want to become, if it may only be worthy of a short-term trade or if I should walk away entirely.

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