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Feb 8th 2019 Pro pre market Prep

Good morning equities stalled yesterday with many indexes and sectors flirting with their 200 day moving averages. We may consolidate in this area before getting a clear sign of which direction the markets head next but I am in the camp that there is more risk of heading south and a potential retest of the recent lows. A negative tone on the progress

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Jan 25th 2019 Pro Pre market prep Free Friday

Good morning Equities have been in consolidation mode for several sectors and indexes this week. We are not seeing a lot of range as earnings season continues to roll on. Next week should be more eventful in terms of big names reporting. One sector that appears to be attempting to break out of a range

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Jan 18th 2019 Free Friday Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning Rumors of lifting tariffs on China gave the markets a late day boost and the timing couldn't have been better as the S&P was testing the 50 day moving average. I have suggested that it is still a time to be cautious as we were consolidating in areas of potential resistance for several sectors..

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Jan 11th 2018 Free Friday Pre market Prep

Good morning It has been a good week for the bulls and we are approaching areas of potential price resistance in several indexes and sectors. Retail is under pressure after disappointing earnings from Macy's. Earnings season will kick off next week and that is what will likely guide the markets...

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Jan 4th 2019 Free Friday Pre market Prep

Good morning After yesterdays drop in the markets off of AAPL's disappointing guidance equities are gapping off of an update and China US trade talks and hope that we are getting closer to agreeing to a trade deal. There is still a long way to go and these negotiations could take months if not years before ..

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