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AWT Follow Up Interview Stock Symbol PHUN, Phunware Inc, COO Randall Crowder

In this Alpha Wolf Trading follow-up interview with the COO Randall Crowder of Phunware Inc. stock symbol PHUN you will hear Randall share his wisdom about the stock market and institutional investors versus retail investors. You will listen to Randall talk about running a business and a publicly traded company and how there is a distinct difference that investors should clearly understand

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Let's Have some $PHUN!!

$PHUN - Good morning and Happy Sunday to everyone. For those of you that are new to AWT, you may not have heard me talk about the Phuntoken or downloading the Phunwallet, I want you all to listen to me on this. The Phunwallet is a Crypto wallet. It is easy to set up you will get a 24-word passkey that is your key to unlock your wallet. You will need to put that in a very safe place. DO NOT EVER GIVE IT OUT TO ANYONE OR LOSE IT! Now I want you all to think about this. A token was somehow attached to a show on Netflix called Squid something, and the Token wound up going to $2600 a token. There was no practical use for the Token. There was nothing to justify

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