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AWT Exclusive Interview Stock Symbol SPCB Supercom, CEO Ordan Trabelsi

In this Alpha Wolf Trading Interview with Supercom LTD stock symbol SPCB, I speak with Ordan Trabelsi, the CEO of Supercom. Ordan shares the challenges that Supercom has faced. Ordan and his team have implemented new initiatives and direction for Supercom and made tough choices in the face of a falling stock price and an unfavorable market climate for small-cap stocks. After nearly 19 months at the helm, all the tough decisions

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AWT Exclusive $NGTF CEO Sean Folkson, Nightfood Inc.

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Reliq Health Technologies update $RQHTF

As you all know, I started a position in Reliq at the beginning of March at @.69 cents. I plan to add to that position, and I am bothered that I did not have a limit set @ .50 cents. In the investment plan I sent out to the members, I identified .50 cents as a potential support level, which I felt would be the ideal price point for adding and continuing to build my position. The stock recently pulled to .50 cents, but by the end of that trading day, it was back up over .60 cents, currently priced at .67 cents. I should have had my limit buy GTC, but with everything going on and my trying to get caught up after my battle with Covid, my intent fell through the cracks. Regardless, after having an opportunity to speak with CEO Dr. Lisa Crossley this week to

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