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AWT Pro Member State of the markets & a few stocks to watch 3/21- 3/25 2022

This weeks state of the markets and stocks to watch video for the pro members.

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#Stocks 2 Watch 4 #Trading and #Investing Aug28th -Sept 1st 2017

Happy Saturday First and foremost> to any of my friends out there in Texas. If you are in the path of hurricane Harvey my prayers got out for you and yours to get through the storm safely. Equity markets remain guilty till proven innocent we are below some key moving averages in several sectors and indexes.

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#Stocks 2 Watch 4 #Trading &# Investing Aug 21-25th 2017

Happy Saturday Here is this weeks video of stocks to watch with a brief take on the markets. Uncertainty seems to be the current theme and that will likely lead to more volatility in equities. Be careful out there make sure you have a plan for every trade. Keep an eye on...

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#Stocks 2 Watch 4 #Trading and #Investing Aug 14th -18th 2017

Happy Saturday Here is this weeks stocks to watch video. We had the first signs of some fear creeping into the markets this week and with where we are in the calendar year, earnings season coming to an end and all the saber rattling that is taking place we could see a more...

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Stocks to watch for day trading and Investing Aug 7th - 11th 2017

Good morning Here is this weeks video of stocks to watch for trading and investing. We have several sectors could set up for a bounce. Fridays action was somewhat bullish and it would be nice to see some follow through next week and potentially break out of .....

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