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Alpha Wolf Trading Follow up Interview RCAT, Red Cat Holdings Inc CEO Jeff Thompson

In this Alpha Wolf Trading interview, I speak with CEO Jeff Thompson of Red Cat Holdings Inc stock Symbol RCAT. Jeff and I discuss the recent price action in the stock, and Jeff provides color on the reason behind the change in partners. Jeff expl...

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Investors May 'Swarm' to This Drone Company With a Golden Opportunity

Red Cat Holdings Inc.'s (RCAT:NASDAQ) CEO Jeff Thompson is a successful serial entrepreneur with a proven track record. He was drawn into the drone industry as a consultant and recognized the opportunity the industry's fragmentation had created in the United States. Jeff assembled a team, identified, and executed the acquisition of several top-tier hardware companies in the drone space. In addition, Jeff and his team have established and nurtured several strategic partnerships in the software side of the industry. These initiatives, in my view,

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