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Feb 6th 2019 Pro Pre market prep

Good morning The State of the union had a positive tone last night without any big surprises. Sectors that could be impacted on the negative side are the Pharma and biotech space with the talk

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Feb 5th 2019 Pro pr market Prep

Good morning Equities are up slightly in premarket with the cannabis sector leading the way. The sector is getting a bit extended so be careful and very selective if you are looking to get involved.

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Jan 24th 2019 Pro Pre market prep

Good morning Unfortunately I have a batch of personal stuff going on that I need to take care of over the next week or so. I will open up the live chat for anyone that wants to be in it but I will be out after 9 am my time. I am sorry about the inconvenience folks. Things will hopefully be back to normal in the latter part of next week. We had another batch of earnings from UTX , TXN, and PG that seem to be giving the markets a lift. The government shutdown continues to linger on as the senate is scheduled to vote on two

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Jan 23rd 2019 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning Equities took a pause yesterday and this morning we are gapping slightly off of positive earnings from IBM. Oil and gold are both up slightly in premarket. Keep an eye on ..

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Jan 17th 2019 Pro Pre market prep

Good morning NFLX reports after the close today and could have an impact on equities as we close out the week heading into a holiday weekend. Equities in many sectors are consolidating at potential resistance areas and the price action is pretty choppy with the exception of some low float

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