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Dec 11th 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning Equities started the week off looking like there was going to be real blood in the streets as the fear indicator started rising looking like panic was just around the corned. It was beginning to look like a real capitulation move. Then, we had a reversal mid day and it accelerated into the close with the NASDAQ actually closing green on the day. This action put in what could be considered a nice reversal candle in several indexes..

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Dec 7th Free Friday Pre market Prep

Good morning It has been a wild week and we may close out the week with another wild ride. We have several things that could move the markets today with the first being the jobs report being released @ 8:30 ET. Economists and analysts will be looking at the unemployment rate (which is anticipated to remain somewhat flat) and signs of potential wage inflation. If either of those data points surprise ..

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Dec 4th 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning The gap up did not hold but the markets did manage to finish green on the day yesterday. We are looking at a red open in premarket as we approach a day of mourning and the market being closed for former President Bush. We should not be surprised by the move in equities since all we have seen is a pause..

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Nov 29th 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning We had a very nice bounce yesterday after a more measured and dovish Powell gave his speech which the market interpreted as a bullish sign. Whether that continues through the end of the week and the close of November is yet to be determined. We have another barrage..

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Nov 27th 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning We have a lot of economic data to absorb today along with a speech from the Fed Chair Powell. The Fed will likely be the focus along with the GDP number. Trade and China will continue to be a hot topic as we will likely see more rhetoric from

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