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Stocks to watch for trading and investing Sept 11-15th

Hello my friend I hope if you are on the east cost and in the path of hurricane Irma that you and yours make it through this hurricane safe and sound. The markets are likely going to react to whatever impact Irma has as reports of the damage done is reported. It would be wonderful to have minimal damage and no loss of life from this storm. The markets would likely react favorably to that scenario and if ...

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Stocks 2 watch 4 trading and investing Sept 5th -8th 2017

Good morning It's Sunday morning and there are a couple of new developments that could rattle the markets in the upcoming week. North Korea conducted a hydrogen bomb test that was so powerful it triggered an earthquake. As the country deals with the ramifications of hurricane Harvey we have another hurricane Irma developing and it could make landfall in the United States.

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