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July 22nd -26th Stock market overview and stocks to watch

Happy Sunday It is all about earnings as we have a huge week of big names from multiple industries reporting. In this weeks video I am sharing my full list of stocks to watch including the Pro member list. See which stocks are on my radar to help you prepare for the trading and investing week ahead

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June 17th -21st 2019 Stock market overview and stocks to watch

Happy Sunday To all you great hard working fathers out there >>Happy Fathers day. The stock market has a big week ahead with the Fed announcement and we could be set up for a disappointing result if the Fed doesn't appear as dovish as the street has anticipated. If you are a day trader technically there are signs that we could see a near term pullback after the recent rally and there may be some short biased ..

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June 10th -14th 2019 Stock market overview and stocks to watch

Happy Sunday Futures are pointing towards a gap up after the Trump administration announced that tariffs will not be implemented on Mexico. President Trump tweeted after the close on Friday that the tariffs have been "suspended indefinitely" which means, we should be good for at least a couple of months before he changes ..

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March 11-15th 2019 Weekly overview with Pro member stocks to watch

Good morning and happy Sunday The stock market took a pause last week and now we are approaching some potential key levels of support in many indexes and sectors. The caution flag was raised last week and remains out for the week ahead. There is a lot of talk about a China trade deal being already baked in to the markets and that even if we get a deal it is a sell the news event. I am not convinced that is how we ..

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Feb 11-15th 2019 Market overview and stocks to watch for the week

Happy Sunday We have some critical deadlines ahead that could lead to another government shutdown, there are China trade talks ahead of the March 1st deadline and a barrage of earnings and economic data to digest this week. We saw some signs of weakness last week with European concerns weighing on the markets and as we face all these deadlines...

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