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AWT Pro member Exclusive $SKYX Founder. Inventor, Chairman Rani Kohen Sky Technologies Inc.

Electrical Tech Co. Teams With A-Lister to Make New Smart Product Every once upon a time comes, new, groundbreaking technology becomes the new industry standard. In 2007, Steve Jobs brought us the iPhone. Now Sky Technologies has pioneered the safe-smart SkyPlug.

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AWT Exclusive $LPTH CEO Sam Rubin Lightpath Technologies Inc

I have been involved in $LPTH stock for more than 5 years. The size of my position has varied over those years, and I have played to support and resistance several times. Around two years ago, the company hired a new CEO, Sam Rubin. Sam joined Lightpath right as Covid hit the U.S. and, after getting settled in, discovered that the China division of LightPath had been embezzling MILLIONS of dollars from the company almost since its day of inception. Not exactly the ideal situation to take on as CEO of the first publicly-traded company to run. Sam made the tough

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AWT Exclusive #28 $JROOF CEO Brian Williamson, Jericho Energy Ventures Reveal 3/31/2022

When I met Brian Williamson, the CEO of Jericho Energy Ventures, a little over a year ago, Brian told me point blank that the investment community treated them as lepers. Brian and I had a very transparent and insightful conversation.

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AWT Pro Member Exclusive #25 Reveal $BNXAF Founder Domenic Carosa, Banxa Holdings

I had a small starter position in $BNXAF after I first met Domenic and continued to do my due diligence on the company. I have watched leadership execute on the vision Banxa has to "build the bridge that provides people in every part of the world access to a fairer and more equitable financial system." (Source Banxa website) Revenue growth and transaction volume for Banxa have been impressive, as you can see from the numbers below.

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AWT Exclusive Member Interview #24 $SURG CEO Brian Cox Surgepays Inc,

"SurgePays, Inc. is meeting the needs of underserved markets in financial technology, telecommunications, and digital media. It offers prepaid wireless and underbanked financial products and services and popular consumer goods to retail merchants (such as operators of convenience stores, bodegas, and gas stations) that address the needs of many store customers nationwide. The SurgePays system is a fintech software platform that processes third-party prepaid wireless activations and top-ups, gift card activation and loads, and wireless SIM activation. It enables retailers to instantly add credit to any prepaid wireless customer's account

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