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AWT Pro Member Exclusive Interview #2 with Jeff Thramann Founder $AUUD Auddia Inc

If you have followed me for any time, you know that I will talk about finding "potential disruptors" as what I believe can be fantastic investment opportunities. However, during my interview with Jeff Thramann, the founder of Auddia. Jeff said something that made me re-evaluate my thinking on "disruptors," which typically means an incumbent holds the top spot and ultimately loses majority market share to a smaller rival because of a disruptive technology or service approach. Think Blockbuster and Netflix as an example. What if a company could be innovative but not set out to hurt the incumbent

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Investfeed Interview

Hello everyone, I wanted to share the interview I did with Investfeed last week. I really enjoyed the interview and find the Investfeed service to be one of the best feeds out there. No trolls or spam just great content. Hope you enjoy the interview I look forward to doing another in the future.

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