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AWT Follow Up Interview Stock Symbol PHUN, Phunware Inc, COO Randall Crowder

In this Alpha Wolf Trading follow-up interview with the COO Randall Crowder of Phunware Inc. stock symbol PHUN you will hear Randall share his wisdom about the stock market and institutional investors versus retail investors. You will listen to Randall talk about running a business and a publicly traded company and how there is a distinct difference that investors should clearly understand

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$KHRNF Follow up With Alvaro Torres CEO

Khiron continues to execute which is evident after their most recent quarters numbers and the press release that come out yesterday.

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AWT Pro Member Exclusive Interview #2 with Jeff Thramann Founder $AUUD Auddia Inc

If you have followed me for any time, you know that I will talk about finding "potential disruptors" as what I believe can be fantastic investment opportunities. However, during my interview with Jeff Thramann, the founder of Auddia. Jeff said something that made me re-evaluate my thinking on "disruptors," which typically means an incumbent holds the top spot and ultimately loses majority market share to a smaller rival because of a disruptive technology or service approach. Think Blockbuster and Netflix as an example. What if a company could be innovative but not set out to hurt the incumbent

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Investfeed Interview

Hello everyone, I wanted to share the interview I did with Investfeed last week. I really enjoyed the interview and find the Investfeed service to be one of the best feeds out there. No trolls or spam just great content. Hope you enjoy the interview I look forward to doing another in the future.

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