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$SKYX Booklet Plug and Play Quick Connect SkyPlug & Weight Supporting Ceiling Receptacle W.S.C.R.

*This booklet is for everyone and anyone that has changed or wants to change out the ceiling lights or ceiling fans. What used to take an hour only takes seconds now. SKYX Platforms Simpler, Safer, Smarter! * SKYX Platforms, SkyPlug™ quick conne...

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SKYX & the price action of the stock since announcing the agreed upon acquisition of Belami Ecommerce

Yesterday, I sent out a note about SKYX and why I thought the acquisition was a brilliant strategic move. While I fully believe that SKYX will get a standardized mandate. The investment SKYX announced yesterday provides 64 platforms with 86 million in revenues. SKYX has a path for distribution and a marketing platform already geared toward home decor and the lighting industry. With or without a mandate, this platform is strategic and needed.

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