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Aug 13th -17th 2018 Stocks to watch for trading and investing

Good morning Earnings season is winding down with retail one of the last sectors to report. Earnings were extremely strong with roughly 79 percent of the companies that have reported beating estimates. Technically the indexes and several sectors appear to be looking tired. We have extremely low volatility but that started to change on Thursday and Friday of last week. Remember that August. September and October can be rough months for bulls historically so we need to be prepared for some potential volatility. There is more economic data this week that may move the markets and I am sure we will be hearing more chatter about Turkey, Iran and China. Keep an eye on the dollar if we see some strength that could benefit the small caps and put some pressure on the big multinationals. Check out the break down of the individual sectors ...

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Aug 10th 2018 Pro Pre market prep

Good morning Equities are seeing some pressure in premarket while the dollar and oil are both up slightly and gold is slightly red. Earnings season is already winding down with one of the last sectors to report being retail. Overall it has been a fairly strong earnings season but there are still concerns over the trade war and tariffs coupled with inflation and rate hike fears. Keep an eye on the energy space as it has been struggling for the last few weeks but with the tensions between the US, Iran and Turkey we could see oil prices start to rise and if that happens ...

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Aug 8th 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning The IWM SPY and NASDAQ are all on the cusp of testing all time highs. Earnings have overcome the "trade war" fears as equities continue to grind higher. In premarket equities just went slightly red while gold and oil are also both in the red as well.

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August 7th 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning Equities and indexes continue to grind higher off what is coming in as a strong earnings season all time highs could be tested in both the S&P and Tech. There is some breadth to the amount of sectors and stocks that are participating in the strength which is a good sign. Gold and oil are both higher in premarket as the dollar is slightly lower.

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Aug 6th -10th Stocks to watch for trading and investing

Happy Sunday Earnings continue this week with some small float high short interest stocks like HEAR AAXN ROKU reporting. If they miss and give a poor guide they could get hit hard. If they beat and raise, we could see some nice squeeze action. HEAR has already run into the number so even if they beat and guide well we could see a pull which may give an opportunity for a long swing entry depending on where it finds support. There are several stocks reporting this week that....

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