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Jan 22 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning Equities are down slightly this morning off the government shutdown but we also have three mega M&A deals happening this morning. Two in the Biotech space and 1 in the insurance space. There will likely be rumors of more potential deals and speculation about others, only time will tell which are true and which are just attempts to boost a stock price.

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Jan 22-56th Stocks To watch for trading and Investing 2018

Hello my friend The Federal government is officially shut down. How the markets will react is anyones guess. I would imagine that if the shutdown lasts for an extended period of time it will impact the markets and they will struggle to maintain the bullish momentum. More importantly we have a significant amount of earnings from ...

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Jan 19th Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning Markets appear to be shrugging off the potential for a government shutdown as traders are reminded that nearly $6.9T has been added to the U.S. stock market cap over the last year (President Trump will celebrate his inauguration anniversary tomorrow). Though House Republicans have voted to keep the government open, the real drama is in the closely divided Senate, which couldn't even agree on holding a vote on Thursday night. Congress now has less than 24 hours to avoid a shutdown. If the shutdown happens I

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Jan 17th 2018 Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning We had some growth numbers out of China and we get a slew of economic data today. Equities are up slightly with gold pulling and oil up as we head into the petroleum status report later today. A government shutdown would not be a good thing for the markets in my opinion and while I do not think it will happen....

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Jan 16th Pro Pre market Prep 2018

Good morning We are gapping up this morning. We could be looking at a repeat of yesterdays action with a market reversal to close down on the day for equities. The dollar is bouncing a bit in premarket and that is putting a little pressure on gold and oil however I do not expect that to be the case for very long. Gold needs to take a breather after its impressive run.

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