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I live what the Reddit guys proved to the world. Let me tell why I think they are missing a golden opportunity.

Reddit proved that there is strength in numbers and that the big and powerful Wallstreet elite are vulnerable. I do not think that what happened with Gamestop was a one time fluke event! There is real potential to level the playing field and bridg...

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$LIVX Amazing night

About LIVX as a long-term hold play. The venue was incredible, the food spectacular, and the entertainment above my expectations. Rob Ellin, the CEO of LIVX was a gracious host. I had an opportunity to meet Rob's business partner and the President of LIVX. It was my first time meeting either one of them in person.

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Long overdue letter to Activision

Activision is not getting a lot of favorable press lately. I do not know enough about the accusations to be able to say whether they are justified or not. It certainly does not sound good for Activision and there seems to be a lot of people that have shared some compelling stories about the culture within the company and it does not look good. However, I have an entirely different issue with Activision that should also concern the stakeholders..

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State of the Markets & Stocks to watch videos for the week of July 19th -23rd

Good morning everyone I hope this finds you safe & healthy. It has been quite a while since I have posted a video for everyone and decided to share this weeks state of the markets and stocks to watch. All it takes is one good

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Geo x awt

Maj Soueidan Co-founder of Geoinvesting and myself talking stocks and strategy

Maj and I had a bad experience with a stock we both owned several years ago but the story has changed and new management has taken over the reins. I reached out to Maj after meeting with the new management team @ $CTHR. Geoinvesting , Maj & myself have started

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