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Nov 17th Pre Market Prep With stocks to Watch for trading & investing

Good morning It has been a wild week where equities were looking they could be heading for a long overdue correction. Several sectors had broken below key moving averages and potential price support areas. It was starting to look like the buy the dippers had decided to stay on the sidelines and the shorts may finally have the markets right where they wanted them.

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Pro Pr Market Prep Nov 16th 2017

Good morning Low floater mania looks like it may continue be careful out there and play size appropriate if you try to play them.

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Nov 15th Pro Pre market Prep 2017

Good morning I mentioned in last nights video recap that we are seeing some warning signs out the to be cognizant of to adjust our trading accordingly. We have some sectors that are technically breaking down in the short term and it could get more intense in the near future. This does not mean we hit the panic button and abandon ship, It just means we need to be more selective and maybe consider adjusting our position sizing for the trades we take.

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Nov 14th Pro Pro market Prep

Good morning Equities are flat to slightly negative as earnings season continues with HD beating earnings and hitting all time highs. Oil, gold and the dollar are all slightly red. Keep an eye on TVIX UVXY LABD TZA if the markets really roll over.

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Nov 13th Pro Pre market Prep

Good morning We already have a fairly big list of stocks to watch from this weekends list but here a just a few more that caught my attention this morning. Equities are flashing red in premarket and commodities are showing a bit of strength. Be careful out the play size appropriate and be patient. TVIX UVXY LABD and TZA should at least be on your radar.

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