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Sept 20th 2017 Pro Premarket Prep

Good morning It is going to be a riveting day with the FOMC decision and Janet Yellens press conference. We could see some whipsawing today in sectors and indexes as words get interpreted. Equities are basically flat in premarket while gold is gapping up and oil...

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Sept 19th Pro Premarket Prep

Good morning Equities are getting some follow trough of yesterdays strength while the dollar is pulling back just a tad and Oil is up slightly. The Fed meeting starts today and we get the announcement tomorrow. There are several good looking sectors out there with Semi's, energy, biotech and health care being my favorites.

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Sept 18th Pro Premarket Prep

Good morning Equities are looking to gap open this morning with a big merger in the defense sector. Tensions with North Korea have subsided a bit and the markets seem to like that. Semiconductors, defense and...

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Stocks to watch Video for Sept 18-22 with Peters Stocks to watch & trade plans

Hey Pro Members Peter sent in his list of stocks on his radar and the the trade plans for each. Unfortunately I am in no condition to be evaluating anything today. I partied a bit too hard last night and I am paying for it today. However, I wanted to get these out to the rest of the members. Peter has several good looking charts...

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Free Friday Pro Pre Market Prep with Stocks To watch for trading and Investing Sept 15th 2017

North Korea has reemerged as a global threat once again with another missile launch over Japan and there is a terrorist attack in the UK on a train that is being investigated. It is a sad thing to say but it seems like events like this do have an immediate impact but typically it is for a very brief duration in time. It appears that as a society we have become desensitized to these types of threats and violence.

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