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Alpha Wolf Follow Up With CEO Jeff Thompson $RCAT Update and clarifies a misinformed Social media rumor

In this Alpha Wolf Follow-up with Jeff Thompson, CEO of $RCAT, Jeff shares the importance of the latest partnership and how it benefits both companies and makes it available for their customers. Jeff also clarifies some misinformation being shared...

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Alpha Wolf Follow Up with CEO Jeff Thompson of Red Cat Holdings $RCAT 2024

In this Alpha Wolf interview with Jeff Thompson, CEO of Red Cat Holdings $RCAT Jeff gives us an update on the company's manufacturing capabilities and revenue growth, an update on the SRR contract, Partnerships with software companies, and much m...

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Investors May 'Swarm' to This Drone Company With a Golden Opportunity

Red Cat Holdings Inc.'s (RCAT:NASDAQ) CEO Jeff Thompson is a successful serial entrepreneur with a proven track record. He was drawn into the drone industry as a consultant and recognized the opportunity the industry's fragmentation had created in the United States. Jeff assembled a team, identified, and executed the acquisition of several top-tier hardware companies in the drone space. In addition, Jeff and his team have established and nurtured several strategic partnerships in the software side of the industry. These initiatives, in my view,

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AWT Exclusive Follow-Up $RCAT CEO, Jeff Thompson, Red Cat Holdings Inc.

Follow up with the CEO of what I believe is a compelling drone play. $RCAT

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AWT Pro Member Exclusive #26 $RCAT Jeff Thomson Founder/CEO, Red Cat Holdings Inc. Public Reveal

Red Cat Holdings is what I would call the right product at the right time with the exemplary leadership to dominate an industry that is just getting started. As you will see from the multiple links I have provided below, the use cases are growing exponentially. I have been watching the Drone industry for years. I was looking for a company that I felt was the leader in the space. I found that there were many interesting small companies, but they did not meet the criteria that I felt was needed to be the dominant clear # 1 player.

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