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July 4th 2017 Trade Setup and Trade review (Breakout pullback)

Happy 4th of July Here is the second trade setup videos from a series I am putting together for the Pro members here at Alpha Wolf Trading. In this video I focus on pullback breakout trade setups. How to find them and...

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I lost $80k in one stock! What I learned and 3 mistakes to avoid

There are a lot of “guru’s” out there that want to boast and brag about how much they make and how they do it only trading and hour a day. I don’t want to talk about all my winning trades. I want to talk about my biggest losing trade because I think you can learn more from my most painful experience and hopefully it will help you avoid making the same mistakes and avoid some of the pitfalls that naive and inexperienced traders make. I share this because trading and investing can certainly be very rewarding but it can also be extremely unpleasant when you lose.

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I will never stop learning and neither should you

Good morning everyone, I pulled this from my old blog and made some new adjustments. I wrote this after attending two seminars last year and after re reading it I wanted to share it once again because the lessons still apply. We are going to the new pricing structure beginning Tuesday . The school of hard knocks will be your ultimate educator.

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