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Oct 15th -19th 2018 Stocks to watch for trading and investing

Happy Sunday It was a brutal week for the bulls and equities as the markets experienced some intense volatility and fear took over. We managed to close the week with an up day on Friday as things snapped back from some extremely oversold conditions but the question is whether....

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Oct 8th -12th 2018 Pro member stocks to watch

Happy Sunday all It was a rough week for the bulls and there really wasn't any place to hide. However, I believe this is a well deserved pullback that I believe will create some fantastic opportunities. Earning season is about to kick off once again with ....

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October 1-5th Things to watch for next week

Happy Sunday With the end of the quarter, the fed announcement and a boat load of economic data to absorb with some political drama sprinkled on top, the indexes struggled last week. Throughout history there have been some notable crashes for the markets in the month of October IE 1929, 1987 and 1997. There will likely be some chatter about that as ...

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Sept 14th -21st 2018 Stocks to watch for trading and investing

Good morning I Hope you are having a great weekend. Equity sectors and indexes look strong technically >I know that there are a lot of people out there waiting for the bottom to fall out and a bear market to begin but there is nothing that I can see, that indicates it will happen anytime soon. Maybe, what I should say is, I don't see it happening in the upcoming week. There are a lot of great..

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Sept 10th-14th 2018 Stocks to watch for trading and investing

Good morning this weeks Video of stocks to watch. I hope you are having a great weekend.. GO BROWNS!!!

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