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Alpha Wolf Trading Exclusive CEO Ali Tajskandar Wishpond Technologies LTD stock symbol WPNDF

In this Alpha Wolf Trading Interview, I speak with CEO Ali Tajskandarof Wishpond Technologies LTD. Stock symbol WPNDF. Ali and I discuss his background, what led him to start Wishpond Technologies, and how, over the last couple of years, his team acquired five companies and positioned themselves as a differentiated small business solution provider. Wishpond provides the foundation for growing and maintaining small business customers providing the tools to compete and stay relevant in a rapidly changing world. Ali talks about the need for small businesses to embrace change. Ali shares his thought about "Artificial Intelligence" and his belief that companies need to embrace products like "ChatGPT" and figure out ways to use these products to enhance and provide a better overall customer experience. Wishpond helps small businesses keep moving forward because Ali knows that sitting still or stagnating will ultimately lead to their demise. I am fortunate to have read the letter Ali sent to stakeholders and employees at the beginning of 2022 with the strategy for growth. Ali laid out a concise path forward and a responsible plan that meant not sacrificing the company at all costs to achieve growth. He emphasized the need to do it responsibly and maintain a healthy balance sheet without incurring a ton of debt.
When you listen to Ali, you will recognize Ali is knowledgeable about the markets and the economy. He understands the cycles that markets and economies go through. He also understands that times like these create great opportunities.
Ali talks about the potential acquisition deal flow that are shocking to him, with companies being
priced at a fifth of tthe valuation, they were holding just twelve to eighteen months ago. There are several potential catalysts for Wishpond Technologies to continue the path of profitable growth even through a recession. As evidenced by how the company was able to post the best year after Covid broke out and much of the country was shut down. It is always great to look back and see that Ali laid out the plan, painted a clear picture, and executed that the plan. Knowing that makes it easier to have conviction in Ali and the team at Wishpond Technologies Ltd. I expect we will see impressive growth from Wishpond over the next several quarters/ years. Ali has proven to be a man of his word, he does what he says he is is going to do. I go over the technicals on WNPDF and the potential risk reward.

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