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Alpha Wolf Trading Exclusive interview CEO Trent Northcutt Aurora Spine Inc ASAPF

Aurora Spine, stock symbol ASAPF, is a medical device company that specializes in the development and commercialization of innovative spinal surgery solutions. The company’s patented ZIP™ MIS Interspinous Fusion Implant System is designed to relieve lumbar spinal stenosis. Aurora Spine’s DEXA-C cervical cages are used in anterior cervical discectomy with fusion procedures. The company’s DEXA SOLO-L anterior lumbar interbody fusion device (ALIF) has also received FDA clearance.

Regarding reimbursement codes, Aurora Spine’s ZIP MIS Interspinous Fusion Implant System has a reimbursement code for the year 2023 . The company’s SiLO MIS Joint Fusion Implant System also has a reimbursement code for the year 2023 .
Trent and I reviewed all of the products that Aurora has brought to market recently . Keep in mind that this was in a market where we had a pandemic and supply chain issues that were historic. The fastest interest rate hike cycle in history, and Trent and his team delivered everything that Trent said he would provide. The stock has not been rewarded for any of it. Trent is transparent, and he gives one of the best visual demonstrations of any company I have seen that explains how their products work and why they are superior to what is on the market. I encourage you to take a hard look at Aurora Spine Inc. The risk-reward is very compelling.