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Alpha Wolf Trading Exclusive Interview Sharps Technology CEO Robert Hayes $STSS

Sharps Technologies Inc. STSS has new leadership with Robert Hayes a 25 year veteren in the healthcare and medical device industries. Robert has come into Sharp Technologies with a clear plan that involves a unique relationship with one the largest private pharma companies in the U.S.. Robert and I discuss how he landed at Sharp and what he is excited about for their future. The next few months should provide a couple of catalysts for $STSS
Sharps Technologies Inc. is an innovative medical device company that offers patented, best-in-class, single-use, innovative safety syringe products. The company’s expanding line of syringe products includes the Sharps Provensa Ultra-Low Waste™ syringes, designed to eliminate accidental needlestick injuries, prevent needle reuse, and significantly reduce wasted vaccines and medicine while retaining the intuitive simplicity of traditional syringes.

The company recently signed a distribution agreement with Nephron Pharmaceuticals to distribute its innovative syringe products. The deal allows Sharps Technology to utilize Nephron’s sales and marketing teams to further support selling the Company’s innovative products to targeted customers within the Nephron customer network. The collaboration between Sharps and Nephron should create a potential catalyst once the financing deal is done. As the companies move forward with the closing of the latest deal structure and the operation in South Carolina. Barring any complications with getting the deal done. Sharps Technologies will be positioned exceptionally well with its new manufacturing facility and a nice-sized order from its largest customer Nephron.

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