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Alpha Wolf trading Exclusive Interview with Modular Medical Devices Inc CEO Jeb Besser $MODD

Modular Medical Devices Inc Stock symbol MODD has been working diligently to resolve the issue they had in achieving a submittal and clearance of their Insulin Pump. It has taken a while but last week they announced that they had identified and resolved the issue. The next step will be the submittal for the 510k clearance. Jeb and I discuss why this is such an important step for Modular Medical. First, we talk about how Jeb got here and then we discuss why Modular Medical's Insulin Pump is so different from what is already available for patients that suffer from Diabetes. Now this is in no way an attempt to sell anyone a device but we do go through the benefits that Modular Medical's device will offer in terms of convenience and simplicity compared to what is available today. If Modular Medical is able to submit before the end of the year that would be a big step forward. Then if they receive the clearance, which should be decided in the first 6 months of 2024 they will be one of four companies that have an approved Insulin Pump available on the market. It will be by far the simplest to use and should be the easiest to get. Once you hear the reasons behind why Jeb believes this could be a game-changing product You will likely want to keep a close eye on the stock. With the prior three companies that have an insulin pump, there was not one that has been valued at less than 330 million dollars upon approval. That is a far cry from the 25 million valuation that Modular Medical sits at today. There are no guarantees that their device will receive 510k clearance. However, the fact that the person responsible for this device was the person that designed the device that TNDM received approval on does provide an above-average liklihood. There is a good track record to go off of. Jebb is a straight shooter who lays out his vision for the company and his interests are highly aligned with the common stock shareholder. Jeb has capital markets experience and has no plans to do a financing deal that would be overly dilutive. Listen to what Jeb has to share and I think you will agree that Modular Medical should be on your radar.