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Alpha Wolf Trading Follow-up CEO Desmond Wheatley Beam Global Inc. stock symbol BEEM

In this Alpha Wolf Trading, interview Beam Global Inc CEO Desmond Wheatley, stock symbol BEEM. Desmond updates Beam Global's progress and the growth finally coming to fruition. Desmond shares what he believes the country will need regarding charging stations over the next 10-20 years and where we are today in sustaining an all-electric vehicle society. Desmond and I discuss why BEEM is not a one-trick pony and how All CEll will play a pivotal role in Beam Globals' growth. We discuss other patented products in the Beam Global arsenal. Desmond has always believed that BEEM will become a critical part of the build-out for the electric vehicle transformation that is coming. His passion and confidence speak for themselves. His vision of the future is difficult to deny. If you have not seen Beam Globals' story, this would be an excellent time to start paying attention. If you would like to learn more about Beam Global Inc stock symbol $BEEM and the entire Beam Global Team, go to and sign up for their investor alerts.
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