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Alpha Wolf Trading Follow up Interview RCAT, Red Cat Holdings Inc CEO Jeff Thompson

In this Alpha Wolf Trading interview, I speak with CEO Jeff Thompson of Red Cat Holdings Inc stock Symbol RCAT. Jeff and I discuss the recent price action in the stock, and Jeff provides color on the reason behind the change in partners. Jeff explains why it was a blessing that it happened when it did. Jeff shares the state of the Red Cat manufacturing facility. Jeff also shares when he anticipates being completed with the construction and expansion to begin full-scale production.
Jeff explains why Red Cat decided to sell off the consumer divisions and the strategic reason behind the move. We discuss the pipeline of opportunity in front of them and what some insiders, including Jeff, are doing in the open market. Jeff touched on a potential share buyback and the impact of a rising interest rate environment. Jeff has an air of confidence that indicates he is comfortable with where Red Cat is positioned. The moves Red Cat has made to position itself as the potentially largest US manufacturer of drones. Red Cat is ready to ride the wave of epic proportions in an industry in the early innings of development. Jeff and I discuss the Border Patrol opportunity, the Tranche 2 contract for the US Army, and the demand Red Cat is experiencing from European countries.
Finally, Jeff talks about their new "bird" and why he believes their payload surpasses any other drone in the marketplace today. His enthusiasm and confidence speak volumes about his faith in the quality of the drone capabilities they have developed. I go over the chart and how I see things technically. We talk about the number of shares outstanding and the fact that they have thirty-two million in the bank. With no debt. I believe there are several reasons for you to put this stock on your radar. I point out areas of potential support and resistance. Regarding the criteria I look for in a "hidden gem," Red Cat checks many boxes.
I predict that 2023 will be a defining year for Red Cat. For those who hear the story and understand how well-positioned Red Cat is, the sophisticated investor mind will also see why 2023 will be a big year for Red Cat. Anything is possible, and there are no guarantees in the stock market. However, I like the risk-reward profile on Red Cat. With the share price being below a dollar a share. I also believe in Jeff and his team.
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