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Alpha Wolf Trading Follow Up interview with CEO Alvaro Torres Khiron Life Sciences Corp stock symbol KHRNF

In this Alpha Wolf Trading Follow-Up, I speak with Alvaro Torres. of Khiron Life sciences Corp. There are companies that I have come across that I feel are on the right side of things, but they seem to have the odds stacked against them. Khiron is one of those companies. I know the challenges that Alvaro and his team have faced and overcome. I understand that the cannabis space is a cutthroat business working on very slim margins because of the taxes each state has imposed. Not to mention it is still illegal in many states within the U.S. Even in the leading states
there are many hurdles to becoming a profitable distributor.

Alvaro and his team focused on providing an alternative to highly addictive opioids. Think about this for a moment. Khiron had championed the movement in Columbia. They were able to convince doctors and insurance companies to try their product. The results were statistically significant. Some could argue that it is a placebo effect. There may be truth to that statement. I am not a Doctor or a biology major. I can tell you that big Pharma companies do not want small companies like Khiron Life Sciences taking market share from them. The underlying theme for Khiron is to improve people's quality of life. Alvaro is fighting a massive and established industry. He is fighting politics and perception. He and his team have collected data that supports evidence that shows Cannabis does have medicinal effects. Recently when Columbia had a change in Government, cannabis insurance coverage was suspended because there was no clear-cut law that protected it. Alvaro and his team made that happen. If they lose this battle, the entire industry will feel the effects of that setback. This is no longer just a fight between Khiron and big Pharma; it is a fight for Cannabis and the ability to choose between highly addictive opioids or Cannabis to treat your chronic pain, PTSD, depression, and other medical conditions, Seizures, and Fibromyalgia. There is enough anecdotal evidence to support the fact that these people are feeling something and begging to let them get their cannabis prescription instead of being told to go back on methadone.
Khiron has faced many battles, and when I spoke with Alvaro during this interview. He shared something with me that was extremely powerful. Alvaro was presented with a question by one of his brilliant board members. It was a question that required a day and a half to digest and come up with an answer. Once he gave his response to the board member. The board member asked another question. These two questions are something that everyone in a leadership position should ask themselves. These interviews are not just investor related. There are some powerful life lessons and
management lessons to be learned. Alvaro and Khiron Life Sciences have a new direction, and they plan to stay true to the underlying passion for improving the quality of life for thousands of patients one region at a time. The goal is to do it profitably and let rapid growth work itself out over time.

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