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Alpha Wolf Trading Follow Up interview With Prostar Inc CEO Page Tucker Stock symbol MAPPF

In this Alpha Wolf Trading interview with CEO Page Tucker of Prostar Inc, stock symbol MAPPF, the visionary and pioneer of the "Pointman Software" system, it was discussed that there is a significant opportunity for Prostar Inc in the construction industry. With an estimated 35 million miles of underground utility infrastructure buried in the United States, accidental utility strikes cost the US economy between 30 and 60 billion dollars a year, causing injuries and even loss of life. The "Pointman Software" system, which can identify, capture, and upload real-time data on assets above or below ground with centimeter accuracy, can help prevent such incidents from occurring.

Page Tucker's goal was to build software that could make job sites more efficient and, more importantly, make jobsites safer, protect workers, the public and save lives. Despite facing challenges and being told that what he wanted to create could not be done, Page persevered, resulting in twenty pioneer patents and the development of the "Pointman Software" system.

During the interview, Page and I watched a clip from the documentary series "Digging Dangers," which illustrated the need for precise accuracy in identifying underground utilities. They also discussed recent changes in the industry that make the "Pointman Software" solution more compelling for contractors and municipalities to consider, including the adoption of major equipment manufacturers in the geospatial measurement arena.

Page and I discussed the early adopters of the "Pointman Software" system One of them being a firm that is the fourth largest General contractor in the world and was established in 1884. They gave been using the system and suggesting modifications for several years now and have provided real world scenarios for Pointman to improve the software to fit their needs. This client considers Pointman a competitive advantage and restricts Prostar from using their name in any marketing material. and the benefits they have experienced. The worlds top geospatial equipment manufacturers recognize that this is a global problem and not just a US problem. Top tier equipment manufacturers like Trimble stock symbol $TRMB. Leica Geospatial part of Hexagon Stock symbol HEXA-B.ST, and others either already using or in discussion. On the customer front Prostar has signed two Australian and one Canadian firm as Pointman international customers, highlighting the global demand for this solution.

Page also shared his views on what drives him, insider purchases, and patent protection. The interview concludes with a special guest, Pat Clawson, a turnaround specialist for publicly traded software companies, who was brought in as a temporary consultant but just recently signed on to join Prostar's board of directors. You should pay close attention to what Pat has to say about Page, Prostar, and the "Pointman Software" system.

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