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Alpha Wolf Trading Follow up with Duos Technologies CEO Check Ferry DUOT

This is why DUOT is a need and not a want

Duos Technologies Inc stock Symbol $DUOT

Coming off the heels of a lackluster quarter primarily because of timing issues, the confidence level of Chuck Ferry has never been higher. Chuck is a no-nonsense guy who has exuded confidence since I first met him. During our first conversation, I learned about his track record of turning around struggling businesses and getting them back on track, Pun intended! I recognized Chuck's no-nonsense attitude and his leadership attributes, which made me acutely aware that this was a company I needed to follow.

The remarkable strides that $DUOT is making under his leadership have proven that I was right. Chuck's visionary approach positions Duostech as a frontrunner with genuine potential to become the industry standard in railroad safety technology.

Amid ongoing discussions surrounding the Railroad Safety Act, Duostech remains steadfast in its commitment to redefining safety standards within the railroad industry. The company's dedication to innovation and proactive solutions places it in a prime position to influence industry practices independent of the eventual outcome of legislative changes.

Chuck Ferry's strategic decision to assemble a team of industry experts has proven instrumental in Duostech's ability to adapt and lead. By incorporating advanced A.I. and machine learning into their solution through partnerships with key industry players like Nvidia and Dell, Duostech is well-poised to offer cutting-edge technology that transcends regulatory changes. Chuck and his team have transformed Duos Technologies from a low-margin manufacturer to a high-margin software as a service (SAAS) recurring revenue model.

Duostech's commitment to safety and innovation is vividly demonstrated in its proprietary Railway Inspection Portal (R.I.P.). This revolutionary solution, capable of inspecting railcars at speeds of up to 125MPH, underscores Duostech's dedication to providing unmatched real-time data and high-resolution images. With the integration of edge computing, the collected images and data are processed and acted upon in real-time, ensuring a swift and effective response to potential safety issues.

Regardless of the outcome of the Railroad Safety Act, Duostech, under Chuck Ferry's astute leadership, is well-positioned to not only meet industry standards but set them. The company's forward-thinking approach and commitment to excellence make it a compelling force in the evolving landscape of the railroad industry. Watch the interview; hopefully, you will understand why this is a stock to keep on your radar.

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