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AWT Follow Up Interview CEO Jin Kang Widepoint Corporation Stock Symbol WYY

In this Alpha Wolf Trading Interview with the Jin Kang, the CEO of Widepoint Inc, Stock Symbol WYY. You will hear Jin discuss the opportunity the recent K-12 News announcement may present for WYY. Jin discusses the sales pipeline for the company, other projects that are in the sales pipeline, and recent insider purchases. We discuss the stock's technical performance and the possibility of additional sales contracts or acquisition news in the months ahead. Jin shares why he believes the share price is mispriced and how he and his team look for continued execution of their plan to be reflected in the share price eventually.
"WidePoint Corporation (NYSE American: WYY) is a
leading technology Managed Solution Provider (MSP)
dedicated to securing and protecting the mobile workforce and enterprise landscape.
WidePoint is recognized for pioneering technology solutions that include Identity and Access Management (IAM), Mobility Managed Services (MMS), Telecom Management, Information Technology as a Service (ITaaS), Cloud Security, and Digital Billing & Analytics."

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