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AWT Follow up with Lightpath Technologies Inc, CEO Sam Rubin Stock symbol LPTH

In this Alpha Wolf Trading Interview, I speak with Sam Rubin, CEO of Lightpath Technologies Inc, Stock Symbol LPTH. This interview is a follow-up on the progress made, and the new developments and products that Sam anticipates will provide a catalyst for the stock in the near and medium-term.

Lightpath Technologies is a company specializing in designing and manufacturing precision optics and optomechanical components. The company was founded in 1995 and is based in Orlando, Florida.

One critical product that sets Lightpath Technologies apart is its B-D6 thermal coating for lenses. This coating is applied to the lens's surface and helps reduce the amount of infrared radiation absorbed by the lens. This can be particularly beneficial in applications that expose the lens to high heat levels, such as in the aerospace or defense industries.

The B-D6 thermal coating has several advantages over traditional materials such as germanium. For example, it is less expensive and easier to work with than germanium, making it more appealing for use in many applications. Not to mention developed and manufactured in Florida. In addition, the B-D6 coating is highly durable and resistant to wear, which makes it suitable for use in harsh environments.

In addition to their B-D6 thermal imaging coating is their free-form lens. Free-form lenses are optics not limited to traditional shapes like spheres or cylinders. Instead, they can be designed to have complex, irregular shapes tailored to specific applications. This allows free-form lenses to deliver improved performance and functionality compared to traditional lenses.

Lightpath Technologies has also recently developed MANTIS, their first multispectral camera system. MANTIS is designed to capture images across various wavelengths, including visible light, infrared, and ultraviolet. This allows it to be used in multiple applications, including imaging, sensing, and inspection.

Lightpath has made some significant changes under Sam Rubin's and his team's leadership. Sam and I discuss the catalysts that are on the horizon for Lightpath. You can see that Sam is calm and confident in the direction the LPTH is headed, and I believe this presents an opportunity for Investors. Watch the interview and decide for yourself if LPTH is another Hidden Gem.
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