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AWT Pro Member Exclusive #30 $VLTTF CEO Glen Lynch, Volatus Aerospace Corp. Reveal April 5th, 2022

Volatus Aerospace is another drone company that came together after the CEO Glen Lynch. Who is a certified, licensed pilot in both Canada and the U.S. Glenn has a 40-year career in the aviation industry under his belt. Glenn and his partner took a hard look at the drone industry. They identified fragmentation and, at the same time, recognized the growing use cases and opportunities that are evolving as the technology continues to get more innovative, the optical components and software improve. Glen feels we are at the bottom of the first inning of what the drone industry will grow into over the next several years. The addressable market is enormous, and the number of sectors using piloted or autonomous drones is likely far from being finalized. The timing is right, and Volatus has a broad array of equipment and services that make them unique in the industry. Glenn has tremendous vision and outstanding leadership skills. He has surrounded himself with brilliant people, and the best part is he encourages them to do what they do best. Watch the video, and I think you will recognize why this could be another "Hidden Gem!"