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Benzinga Pro Tool Review

Hello my Friend
I am excited to share with you the Benzinga Pro platform. It is probably my favorite tool of all the tools I use. There are a ton of fantastic features that help me identify potential trading and investing opportunities in real time.

In active trading we need every edge we can get and I know that Benzinga Pro has provided me with that slight edge on countless occasions. There are traders out there that do not care about news or an event that may be impacting the price of a stock or the markets. All they care about is price action.

I also pay attention to price action and volume but knowing why a stock or market is moving helps me identify my potential trade. Will it be just a quick day trade? That depends on why Its moving. What is the reason? What is the news? Maybe its something really substantial that could lead me to taking a stock as a swing or long term hold investment.

If the news is on a low float small cap biotech company that has no cash and lots of debt and they just got orphan designation for a drug that is in Phase 1 trials it will most likely be a day trade or scalp, if I decide to take it at all. If the news is an earnings beat and a profitable mid cap company with a bullet proof balance sheet announces the largest contract they have ever received with guide significantly higher for the year on revenues and earnings then I may be looking at taking a swing or investing into a long term hold.

As a hybrid trader/ investor being able to identify potentially meaningful events in real time is invaluable and I believe contributes to my ability to be successful. Enjoy the Video if you have any question please email me @ and

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