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Feb 11-15th 2019 Market overview and stocks to watch for the week

Happy Sunday
We have some critical deadlines ahead that could lead to another government shutdown, there are China trade talks ahead of the March 1st deadline and a barrage of earnings and economic data to digest this week. We saw some signs of weakness last week with European concerns weighing on the markets and as we face all these deadlines that weakness may continue or at the very least keep the markets in a holding pattern until there is definitive resolution for these events. We have several sectors and indexes that lie just below their 200 day moving averages. A break above them with conviction would be a win for the bulls but if they continue to act as resistance and we fail to reclaim them that would be a win for the bears.

I have been providing free content for many years now between my first blog, youtube, Ticker tv, and over the last few years on the Alpha Wolf Trading website. I am at a crossroads and considering making some changes for the benefit of my core members and the quality of my life. I should have an announcement in the next week or so once I have made my final decision. Thank you all for following me over the years > I truly hope I have been able to help you in some small way.

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Last weeks Pro member stocks to watch and their performance for the week.

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