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Happy Holiday's

Good morning
There is not much to celebrate in the markets this holiday season unless you are a bear. However, the stock market is not the most important thing in our lives.

Our health, our family and our friends are what is most important. As you celebrate this Holiday season and the New Year ahead make sure to love and laugh, to inspire and be inspired, to dream big and pursue your goals with vigor and passion. Encourage others to pursue their dreams and support them regardless of whether or not your paths are aligned. We possess the ability to meet each days challenges and overcome them to find the very best of life through determination and perseverance. The road will not always be easy > there will be hardships, losses and lessons to be learned. Have faith in yourself, surround yourself with the very best people, be persistent,consistent and take action daily. Live your life to the fullest and enjoy the journey along the way.
As always be safe and have fun.
Best of Success


The Fed had an opportunity to play Santa Clause last week and unfortunately he wound up being the Grinch. He did not heed the markets warnings and proceeded to pursue the path of tightening and rate increase guidance. The markets and sectors are technically broken and while I do think at some point there will be a relief rally I fear it will not be sustainable. This is going to be a process that takes time to work through.

I am going to enjoy the weekend and Christmas with my family and friends and I will be back next week with a sector and index overview heading into the New year.

Pro Members I will be here for trading on Monday morning if anyone wants to show up.