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Geo x awt

Maj Soueidan Co-founder of Geoinvesting and myself talking stocks and strategy

I have a tremendous amount of respect for Maj and his methods. I have know of Maj for over 10 years and we met each other a few years back. Geoinvesting is a very comprehensive service primarily focused on the Microcap space and longer term investment plays. Maj and his team do an amazing job with due diligence and laying out their investment thesis. If you have never seen the China Hustle Geo was the primary source discovering the rampant fraud in China equities trading in the states that led to the making of the movie. This one is well worth your time to watch it if you have never seen the movie.

Maj and I had a bad experience with a stock we both owned several years ago but the story has changed and new management has taken over the reins. I reached out to Maj after meeting with the new management team @ $CTHR. Geoinvesting , Maj & myself have started building a position in the stock believing that the new management team has a clear vision and since taking over the share price has seen nearly a 300 percent increase. I love turn around stories. Maj and I touch on several topics and I present my thoughts on another favorite $LIVX. It was a lot of fun and look forward to our next conversation.