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June 22-26th Pro member Stocks to watch for trading and investing

Hello everyone it has been awhile since I sent out a post to everyone. I have been focusing on myself and the Alpha Wolf members. It has been a great year so far even with all the turmoil out there. I honor of Fathers day I though I would send a post out for everyone. I hope all the great fathers out there have A wonderful Fathers day. Stay healthy, stay safe and have fun. The markets have had an amazing run nut there may be a shift in the near future. Stocks may have gotten a bit ahead of themselves with the hopes of a V shaped recovery. I do not know if we will got test the recent lows or if we will even get a substantial pullback but I can tell you I am in a great position as I have been taking profits and building a nice cash position for any potential opportunities that may present themselves. I am willing to be patient and start scaling in the stocks I want to own for swings or long term holds when the time comes. Until then I will trade what is in front of me for short term scalps or day trades. Watch this weeks video to see what is on my radar. I hope you find it worth your time.

Last weeks Stocks to watch for pro members and their performance for the week

Highly anticipated earnings for next week

Source Earnings Whispers .com

This weeks video

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