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$KOPN Unexpected Event creates opportunity

In this Alpha Wolf interview, CEO Michael Murray addresses why Kopin Corporation's $KOPN stock price has seen recent pressure to the downside. Michael Murray was well on the way to pulling off an impressive turnaround in Kopin as the rebranding and the change in corporate culture took hold. On the way to cash flow positive, this would be an easy feather in the cap for Michael. Adversity has struck, and it has already impacted the stock's performance. Things that were beyond Michael's control have put a cloud over the achievements, and uncertainty is here for the near term. Michael is using this experience as an opportunity to learn and grow; he is facing the challenge ahead and is getting creative in how he plans to address the issue. You want to see this from leadership: transparency and the tenacity to do what is right and fight for the company. Michael is the right guy to turn Kopin around, and he has earned more of my respect in the process. Michael explained what has put short-term pressure on the Kopin stock price and how he and his team are working diligently to resolve the issue. Michael is doing what needs to be done thoughtfully and strategically. This is a setback to Michael's progress, but I am confident that this is a problem that Michael will manage in the best way possible. Ultimately, I believe this setback will prove to be an excellent opportunity to pick up shares of a well-executed turnaround story.
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