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Sharps Technologies CEO Robert Hayes is focused, and his team is executing into a perfect storm. $STSS

In this Alpha Wolf Interview, Robert Hayes, CEO of Sharps Technologies Inc. $STSS, lays out the first piece of a comprehensive plan to put Sharps Technologies Inc. in a favorable position just as the industry is undergoing significant changes. Robert explains the latest developments within the industry and why they could significantly benefit Sharps Technologies. Robert describes some of the challenges he faced after our first interview. The old saying that" when one door closes, another one opens" would be appropriate for the current situation at Sharps. Robert and his team remained focused and made some tactical moves that put Sharps in an even more enviable position. Looking at their recent 8K filing, it is clear that the next few weeks and months will likely be lots of news to absorb from Sharps Technologies Inc. Consider putting $STSS on your radar and sign up for their investor alerts to stay informed about what is happening with $STSS