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SKYX Platforms CES take Aways and Insights as to why the SkyPlug is going to make switching out light fixture & Ceiling fan safer & easier.

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There was a laundry list of reasons why I spent five days at CES with Rani and his team @ SKYX Platforms Corp. It was the first time I got to meet Rani in person. It was also the first time I met his engineering and design team, and I could see firsthand how well they worked together. Rani's team is much younger than I thought they would be, which impressed me because of the level of accomplishments they have achieved. Three significant takeaways about his team. They are all brilliant, hard workers. They landed at 10 PM, getting settled in after midnight. The team was up early to start putting up the 30 x40 booth. They finished at midnight, and Rani stayed with his team and took them to dinner at 1 AM. They are motivated by Rani and his vision and feel like they are part of a movement. They recognize the impact that the prod. The path is clear, and Rani is the leader that they have faith in. Rani speaks highly of his team. He also recognizes that everyone is different.

I gained tremendous insight from his and the industry's perspective, which was phenomenally positive. There are always opposing views on why a company like SKYX will never succeed. One of the reasons I have heard repeatedly was that the Lighting Manufacturers would never allow this ceiling receptacle to become the standard. An opinion that could have held merit because of the perception that SKYX would be forcing the lighting industry to use their plug assembly on every ceiling light fixture in a monopolistic manner.

I met with the CEO of a little company called Quoizel Lighting. To call Quoizel Lighting little is being disingenuous. The company has been around since 1930 and has been awarded supplier of the year to Home Depot and Lowes. Rick Seidman, the CEO of Quioizel and the chair-elect for the American Lighting Association, believes The Skyplug is the most significant product invention since the lightbulb socket. The average light fixture stays in place for ten years. Nobody wants to change out a fixture unless it is an absolute must. The ALA estimates that the SkyPlug receptacle could lead to lights and ceiling fans being upgraded or replaced every five years. I think that is being conservative. Keeping up with new designs and safety features could accelerate that number significantly. Rick came to CES to meet with Rani and see the SKYX booth and their overall presence at CES. I watched Rick pull CES participants into the SKYX booth and explain the Skyplug system. The thought that the ALA would never let the Skyplug happen was eviscerated right before my eyes. I also found out that Rick accompanied Rani to the U.S.'s most prominent annual light manufacturing convention hosted by the ALA in Dallas. That show started on the Tuesday following CES. It is clear to me that the ALA is excited about the Skyplug. The second insight I garnered from Rick was that the Slyplug has the potential to open up an entirely new demographic for the fixed lighting industry. I wanted to know what demographic the industry would see as a new and unique opportunity as a direct result of the Skyplug. Rick told me to think about the 20-35-year-old male who moves into an apartment. They will never even consider replacing the ceiling light fixture. They will buy end table lamps or Free standing light fixtures. Now think about this, what if there was a Skyplug receptacle in the ceiling and the young man that moved in is a huge NASCAR fan, and he happens to come across this remarkable NASCAR light fixture? It might not be a high-end light fixture, but Ricks's point is there are a lot of people in that demographic that, until now, were not an opportunity to market.

Rani has been methodical in his approach with SKYX and how he introduced the product to the industry. The road to this CES event has taken nine years and eleven modifications to the NEC (National Electric Code) specifically for the Skyplug. The NEC set the terms for the Skyplug & receptacle to be qualified as a mandated standardization product. The most important is proving that the product can reduce the risk of injury or save lives.
Thousands of reported cases of ceiling fan miswiring resulting in a house fire leading to death—people up on ladders touching live wires, getting shocked, falling, breaking a leg, ankle, or hip.
Rani needed to have the Skyplug and Receptacle ANSI, and NEMA certified. That occurred in the last 90 days, along with another condition of having an NEC-approved generic name. The WSCR Weight Supporting Ceiling Receptacle was approved.
Could it be a coincidence that the last mandated standardization product by the NEC was the GFCI outlet, a four-letter acronym for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter?

As organized as Rani and his team have been. It should be no surprise that he and his team made sure that SKYX Platforms was a name that would be seen at CES whether you came by their booth or not. The brand SKYX and banners showing the product were placed in high-traffic areas, ensuring everyone at CES would see their product and brand. The foot traffic at their booth was impressive. Not only the number of interested attendees that wanted to know more but the highly recognized names of parties that stopped by to see what SKYX was all about. Companies like Amazon, Cisco, Apple, Microsoft, and several more. "WOW" was the word most commonly used to describe what they saw after the demonstration.

I would say that CES was a fantastic place to introduce a product that will make an industry more efficient. With a product that was designed with one over-arching theme to make installing ceiling light fixtures and ceiling fans faster and safer. That successful mission will make SKYX the owner of the most desirable position in every household and commercial property built in the future. That location is at the highest point in the center of every room, where there is a ceiling receptacle. This CES event introduced Gen 1. Stay tuned for Gen 2 because this story will only improve. SKYXS walked away from CES with 5 awards, That is pretty impressive for their first showing!