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SKYX Platforms Inc Secures distribution and marketing platform with the acquisition of Belami Ecommerce

As you all know, I am a massive fan of Rani Kohen and the entire team at S.K.Y.X. However, just because I firmly believe that does not make it so! Anything can happen. However, This morning $ S.K.Y.X. announced a move that put them on solid ground and a clear path for the distribution of their revolutionary SkyPlug. After seeing firsthand the presentation and reaction at C.E.S., where they walked away with five awards, I had no issues with the course they were on. Then there was the A.L.A. manufacturers association Conference in Dallas. It is my understanding that SKYX was the Belle of the ball. Fast forward to the builder's show that $SKYX attended last week here in Las Vegas, where the company received more validation with the over 1600 ID scans SKYX collected over a three day span of significant players in the building industry.

I think the N.E.C. (National Electric Code) will mandate the (W.S.C.R.) Skyplug as standard based on safety and reduction of time with installation.

What this move does for SKYX is it takes them from zero revenue to 86 million in revenues, which is accretive.

Looking at what Belami E-commerce does, it is clear that they are more than a light supplier. They are a proprietary software company that handles all aspects of business development, Web Development, E-commerce Enablement, digital marketing, and Logistics solutions. The focus of the 60 plus websites is of course lighting. Wait until they see Gen 2. That is when things really start getting fun.
Rani and his team are very strategic in their thinking and they are practical people. If this one isn't on your radar. It is not too late the party is only beginning, NEW!
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