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SKYX's Transformative Announcements: A Deep Dive into Recent Developments

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1. I.B.S. (International Builders' Show) Collaboration:
Significance: **Strengthening SKYX's market position through collaboration with the International Builders' Show (I.B.S.) by NAHB (National Association of Home Builders).
Industry Exposure at the highest level for the W.S.C.R.(Weight Supporting Ceiling Receptacle) while also demonstrating SKYX proprietary smart home solutions.
Details: **The International Builders' Show, held annually in Las Vegas, Nevada, from February 27-29, 2024, is the most significant construction show globally, expecting over 70,000 visitors from more than 100 countries. Organized by the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the event serves as a premier, once-a-year hub connecting, educating, and improving the residential construction industry. It features production launches, construction demos, industry thought leader sessions, workshops, panel discussions, and more.
**Showcase in "Homes of the Future"
: SKYX will showcase various advanced smart home technologies in all "Homes of the Future" exhibits.

2. TheRealDeal Event Participation:
Significance: Participated in an event held by TheRealDeal for expanded market reach.
Impact: Increased visibility and accessibility for SKYX products, tapping into TheRealDeal's extensive network.

3. Quoizel Collaboration:
Significance: *Quoizel, established in 1931, offers decorative lighting for the inspired home through high-quality craftsmanship, thoughtful designs, and timeless style. Quoizel's selection of more than 2,000 fixtures provides beautiful, on-trend options for every lifestyle and budget. Beneath their products' stunning exteriors, exceptional value is found, from mouth-blown glass and hand-applied finishes to natural materials and integrated L.E.D. technology. *
**Impact: **SKYX has partnered with one of the oldest and most recognized brands in the lighting industry. This partnership validates the SKYX platform's significance to the lighting industry.

4. Material Bank Alliance:
Significance: Material Bank provides a digital platform where designers and architects can order physical material samples for new projects awarded to their firm, and these samples are delivered the following day from a centralized distribution center. The platform offers access to a vast library of materials from various manufacturers, making material selection and sourcing more efficient and convenient for professionals in the design and construction industry. Adam Sandow is the visionary behind Material Bank. The model is so successful that Mr Sandow is expanding the Material Bank model in Europe.

Adam Sandow is known for his entrepreneurial ventures beyond Material Bank. Sandow, the parent company, operates as a diversified media, brand, and technology company. Some of the businesses under the Sandow umbrella include:
Interior Design Magazine: A leading publication in the design industry.
Sandow ** Today, we power the design, materials, and luxury industries through innovative content, tools, and integrated solutions.
*Luxe Interiors + Design: **Another design-focused publication that covers luxury home design.
is the premiere video streaming network in the architecture and design industry.
*Thinklab * ThinkLab Is Researching The World Of Design.
** Impact:
SKYX has engaged with Material Bank to provide designers and architects samples of their Skyplug and receptacle on new projects nationwide.

5. Jeremiah Baron Companies' collaboration:
*Details: **SKYX has collaborated with Jeremiah Baron Companies to integrate thirty thousand various SKYX ceiling receptacles and smart home products into a new one-thousand-home community development.
**Impact: *
Aggressively expanding market presence with innovative industry collaborations beyond traditional retail channels.

6. Lenny Sokolov's joins SKYX as Co-CEO
Significance: **Lenny Sokolov, one of the most widely respected authorities in the public markets, brings over two decades of highly sophisticated investment banking and managerial experience to SKYX Platforms. Mr. Sokolow was a founding attorney and a partner in a boutique Miami, Florida, law firm serving international, corporate, and banking clients. Mr. Sokolov is a C.P.A. with experience in public companies, mergers, and acquisitions. Mr Sokolov was the CEO and President of Newbridge Financial, Inc. and CEO of its broker-dealer subsidiary, Newbridge Securities Corporation, and holds board positions in three other publicly traded companies beyond SKYX.
Mr. Sokolow adds a powerful dimension from the capital markets perspective to a world-class team at SKYX Platforms.

7. Eight Patent Grants:
Significance: Recognition of SKYX's innovation through the granting of eight patents.
Impact: Competitive advantage, protection of intellectual property, and potential licensing opportunities.

8. Increased Revenues /Belami E-commerce:
Significance: Revenues are Increasing quarterly due to the acquisition of Belami E-commerce and its 64 home decor and lighting websites. With the continued integration of SKYX products into more variations of light fixtures and ceiling fans, revenue growth should continue as they expand their product offerings and market presence.
Impact: Meaninful representation of the SKYX product offerings that expand daily on the websites. More products should continue to provide continued revenue growth.

9. SKYPlug and Receptacle W.S.C.R filing for N.E.C. Mandate:
Significance: It has taken twelve patient-years and lots of hard work to reach this point. SKYX had many objectives the National Electric Code (N.E.C.) required them to obtain before filing for the mandate, including ANSI and NEMA certifications. SKYX assembled an incredible team with the sole focus of achieving and surpassing the objectives.
Impact: Receiving the mandate would provide recognition and standardization of SKYX's innovative technology in the industry, setting a new benchmark for simplicity and safety.

10. Common Thread: Innovation and Integration:
Analysis: The common thread among these announcements is the relentless pursuit of innovation and strategic integration.
Connection: **Each partnership, collaboration, and development contributes to SKYX's mission of revolutionizing the home decor and lighting industry through cutting-edge technology and market expansion.

This article is my comprehensive overview of SKYX's recent strategic moves, partnerships, and innovations poised to reshape the landscape of the home decor and lighting industry. It combines industry collaborations, leadership expertise, and a commitment to innovation, positioning the $SKYX brand for sustained growth while providing a simpler, safer, smarter product for all of us to enjoy and benefit from for years to come.

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